Mouse and Keyboard Abuse Disorder (It’s not pretty, but we can help)

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Found this little Pika dude chilling out on a rock in Yellowstone near Old Faithful

Ever find yourself whaling away on your keyboard or clicking and quadruple clicking the crap out of your computer mouse? I call this illness “Mouse and Keyboard Abuse Disorder”, or simply MKAD. The funny thing is you don’t even realize you are acting like a crazy person. Instead, you reassure yourself -“I type with purpose! I am super-duper efficient!”

This illness usually takes hold at work when you are trying to solve a problem. Say for example, you don’t remember where you saved something.  Don’t you hate that? Now you are trying extra hard to find where you saved that file.

As your frustration builds, that little cursor arrow starts flickering and flying around all over the monitor, as you sit there hyper-clicking and looking insane and wild-eyed at the screen, as if trying to scare the shit out of the computer into telling you where you saved that darn file.

You finally ask yourself – what the heck am I doing? But, it is too late now. Your finger has a Band-Aid on it and the secretary is sifting through the office catalog to order you a new computer mouse. By now everyone knows about it and you are too embarrassed to look at anyone on your way to the water cooler.

Mouse and Keyboard Abuse Disorder is ugly, I know, but there are ways you can suppress it. I can’t offer you any magic pill, cream, or ancient grass root, but I can tell you how I cured myself.

I stopped giving a rat’s behind (sorry rats).

I did it and so can you!  Take a breath, relax, and think about the task before taking any action. You may find yourself suddenly arriving at a solution. Keyboards and computer mice (and Pikas?) will thank you!

5 thoughts on “Mouse and Keyboard Abuse Disorder (It’s not pretty, but we can help)

  1. It’s the little hourglass and the hand that makes me crazy but I have learned to sit on my hands, take deep breaths, and wait for my computer to do its thing. My printer, however, is definitely abused!

    1. Yea sometimes one extra cup of coffee is all it takes to turn into the hulk.
      But hey sometimes the printer does need a good kick!

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