Welcome to AlwaysWandering Art!

My wife, Caitlin and I love to explore nature. We go wandering somewhere whenever time allows. Nature with all its wonders is the inspiration behind the art here. It is our pleasure to share with you the outcome of our time spent outdoors – watercolor landscape paintings in all seasons, watercolor floral paintings, and a few others.

One of the main themes in these paintings is nostalgia – a longing for a place where we can be calm and happy in a forest or meadow, near a river after the first snowfall, or in an old barn admiring a bouquet of forsythias. In addition, I want to express the beauty of nature and spark your imagination. Hopefully, as you view the paintings you are wondering and imagining; what lies beyond that snowbank? What’s on the other side of that river? The magic of watercolor makes it possible to create translucent, misty, hazy scenes, which makes the viewer complete the painting with their own imagination!

Please feel free to share any feedback! Thank you for visiting.

6 thoughts on “About

    1. Thanks James. It was an amazing learning experience. Maybe ill reflect on it here once it all settles

  1. Its a pleasure to be sponsoring The Field Guides Podcast with Always Wandering Art. Your watercolors are awesome! If you ever need a good pair of boots for your nature wandering, give me a call or drop us an email. Thanks!

    1. Thank you very much for sharing, Brooks. Artist name is Kirill (AlwaysWanderingArt). I checked the site; some very nice pieces there!

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