New Jersey Landscapes

Big Thaw

Winter in Bernardsville, NJ


Winter in Bernardsville, NJ (take two)

Winter Path

Winter Path – Natirar Park, NJ

Great White Oak, Basking Ridge, NJ

600 Year-old Oak – Basking Ridge, NJ


Soldier Huts – Jockey Hollow, NJ

Wick House in Summer

Wick House – Jockey Hollow (Summer)

The Wick House Super-moon

Wick House – Jockey Hollow – Super-moon

The Cooper Mill

The Cooper Mill – Chester, NJ

Dan Beard Cabin - Schiff Nature Preserve

Dan Beard Cabin – Schiff Nature Preserve – Mendham, NJ

On the Raritan River

Raritan River – Raritan, NJ (Duke Island Park)

Walking in Lawrenceville

Walking the D&R Canal – Lawrenceville, NJ

Long Pond Iron Works

Long Pond Ironworks – West Milford, NJ

Somewhere in NJ

Somewhere in NJ

Sunny Mud Path

Sunny Mud Path, Vernon NJ

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