Sunrise On the Horizon

Art, Outdoor Adventure, watercolor

Sometimes inspirations for new painting pop up in my mind years after a photo was originally taken. A couple of years ago, on a hazy morning, the sun had just started to climb up on the horizon in a farm field. I was on my way to work when I saw this picturesque moment in my peripheral view. Unwilling to simply drive by, I took the photo, which a recently painted (below).

Sunrise on the Horizon (w/c 14”x 20”)

This painting can be found here for sale.

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Red Barn Winter Landscape in Watercolor

Art, Outdoor Adventure, watercolor

A local photographer, Cindy Plumb Bishop, captured a stunning image of a Red Barn in snowy New York State, which inspired me to paint the scene in watercolor. Places close to home are some of my favorites to paint, as it helps to enhance my awareness of where I live. This scene is simple, yet effective in creating visual interest because of the dramatic contrast between the snow and the red barn. If you’re looking to do a quick and simple painting, scenes like this make terrific subject matter. Not a lot of detail, no fuss, just great color combinations.

Red Barn Winter Landscape (watercolor on Arches Rough paper)

I’ve also recorded a time lapse video of the painting process.

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