Angel’s Landing

Art, Hike of the Week, Outdoor Adventure
© 2014 AlwaysWandering

© 2014 AlwaysWandering

Well, I have finally returned to AlwaysWandering since February on the last day of the year. Better late than never I guess. Graduate school has been keeping me busy, but I have not stopped painting. This painting here is a memory from when we hiked The Angel’s Landing Trail in Zion National Park in Utah. Some may find the hike strenuous, but it is one of the biggest tourist attractions in the park. I guess the beauty of the Virgin River below cutting through the golden glow of Fremont Cottonwoods in autumn will force most motorists up the mountain. It gets “interesting” up at the top where you’ll need to climb the spine of this rock by pulling yourself up by chains, which are hopefully well attached to the rock. The views are well worth the “danger”. Happy New Year – cheers to more adventures in 2015.

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