Landscape Arch

Art, Hike of the Week, Outdoor Adventure

Landscape Arch (above) is one of the more well-known (and longest) natural arches in Arches National Park in Southern Utah. Sometime in the 90’s people were camping underneath the arch, when a giant piece of the arch broke off and came crashing to the ground. Luckily, no one was hurt. There are many natural arches, “windows”, and natural bridges found throughout the park. Water and other natural forces continue to shape the landscape, as old arches break down and new ones are born. This painting is a reminder that everything is constantly changing, and that Landscape Arch will inevitably come to an end, but at least it will remain on this piece of paper.

4 Corner Desolation

Art, Life Balance, Outdoor Adventure

Watercolor on rough paper

I felt the urge to paint such a scene because of what it represents to me; contentedness. We’ve traveled thousands of miles only to find ourselves in complete desolation, at a gas station with a trading post sign and a rusty old truck. This scene is located less than a mile away from the 4 corners national monument at the intersection of 4 states; Arizona, Colorado, New Mexico, and Utah. The area is home to the Navajo people and they take great pride in their land. To an outsider this area may seem empty and uninhabitable, but the people that live here might know the secrets of this land and they are content to live in this unique and beautiful landscape.