Waterloo Village Historical Landmark

Art, History, New Jersey, Outdoor Adventure, watercolor
Snow Covered Bridge – watercolor 14”x20”

Inspired by a beautiful photo taken by Waterloo Village staff, here is a watercolor painting of a winter scene from Waterloo Village Historical Landmark, located in Stanhope, New Jersey. The village is a restored 19th century canal town, which was rightfully the land that the Lenape people inhabited. The land eventually became a port along the industrious Morris Canal. Preserved in the village today are gristmill, sawmill, blacksmith shop, and many other historic houses. A trip to Waterloo Village is sure to take you through at least 400 years of New Jersey history!

This painting (or print) is available on my Etsy Shop.

Fisherman on the bank

Outdoor Adventure


Fall is here and then gone like most things. The fisherman on the bank reminds Cait and I to maybe get a license next year and partake in an old hobby. The fisherman enjoys a day on the river in the Musconetcong valley; a place that is still plentiful in scenic beauty and natural resources.  A place impacted little by thousands of years of Native American settlement, but profoundly impacted by only 150 years of European settlement. John P. Brunner writes for the Musconetcong Watershed Association, about the physical and cultural transformation of the Musconetcong valley, as described in Peter O. Wacker’s book: The Musconetcong Valley of New Jersey: A Historical Geography. Looking forward to reading it!

The Garden State

New Jersey

You can’t argue with the fact that Jersey gets a bad reputation. But, that should come as no surprise when you’ve got shows like “The Jersey Shore”. I’d be a millionaire if I had a dime for every time someone outside the tri state area asked me “is that really what NJ is like”? I usually reply, “of course, we get up in the morning and eat some steroids, then spike up our hair with glue, go get a spray tan, and end the night by pumping our fists in the air at a nightclub until 2am”.

Sadly, I’m only half joking. Many people do live that lifestyle in NJ. But, not everyone here is mentally challenged.