Hike of the Week – Watchung Reservation

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The best part about hiking the Watchung Reservation is that you can hike out of the reservation and hike about an hour north on New Providence road, to a place where the beer flows like wine, where ladies take turns riding a mechanical bull, where couples of all ages gather on the dance floor to line dance their little hearts out, I’m talking about a place called Colorado Café. This place does exist, believe it or not, down the road from the Watchung Reservation. If you ever make it back to the reservation, there are even more spectacular things awaiting you inside.

The Garden State

New Jersey

You can’t argue with the fact that Jersey gets a bad reputation. But, that should come as no surprise when you’ve got shows like “The Jersey Shore”. I’d be a millionaire if I had a dime for every time someone outside the tri state area asked me “is that really what NJ is like”? I usually reply, “of course, we get up in the morning and eat some steroids, then spike up our hair with glue, go get a spray tan, and end the night by pumping our fists in the air at a nightclub until 2am”.

Sadly, I’m only half joking. Many people do live that lifestyle in NJ. But, not everyone here is mentally challenged.