Fisherman on the bank

Outdoor Adventure


Fall is here and then gone like most things. The fisherman on the bank reminds Cait and I to maybe get a license next year and partake in an old hobby. The fisherman enjoys a day on the river in the Musconetcong valley; a place that is still plentiful in scenic beauty and natural resources.  A place impacted little by thousands of years of Native American settlement, but profoundly impacted by only 150 years of European settlement. John P. Brunner writes for the Musconetcong Watershed Association, about the physical and cultural transformation of the Musconetcong valley, as described in Peter O. Wacker’s book: The Musconetcong Valley of New Jersey: A Historical Geography. Looking forward to reading it!

Algonquin Park

Outdoor Adventure

Walking a thin line between heaven and earth

I was about 11 years old and I remember watching “Charles in Charge” when the show cut to a commercial break. A calm clear lake and a heavy morning fog just starting to lift off the surface of the water; a giant fish breaks the surface of the lake and takes the bait, a fisherman’s silhouette sets the hook, and bright colored leaves fall from the trees. The words, “ONTARIO – YOURS TO DISCOVER” (or something like that) shimmers across the TV screen to end the commercial. At that point, if Charles decided to go on a marijuana smoking binge with Buddy and the rest of the kids he mentors, I wouldn’t have cared or noticed. I was so captivated by the commercial that I went spiraling into a day dream of my own Canadian adventures.