A Cure for Video Games

Outdoor Adventure

A classic evening on Lake Arrowhead

It all started on Lake Arrowhead, in Pennsylvania. I had just finished 3rd grade and I couldn’t believe summer was finally here. My friend invited me to spend a couple of weeks on the lake with him and his grandpa. Boy was I excited! I showed up at the lake wearing a big cheese grin on my face. I was all geared up for a week in front of the TV.  “Where did you guys hide the Nintendo?” I asked.

Hike of the Week – Watchung Reservation

Hike of the Week, New Jersey, Outdoor Adventure

The best part about hiking the Watchung Reservation is that you can hike out of the reservation and hike about an hour north on New Providence road, to a place where the beer flows like wine, where ladies take turns riding a mechanical bull, where couples of all ages gather on the dance floor to line dance their little hearts out, I’m talking about a place called Colorado Café. This place does exist, believe it or not, down the road from the Watchung Reservation. If you ever make it back to the reservation, there are even more spectacular things awaiting you inside.

Yellowstone – The World’s Largest Petting Zoo

Outdoor Adventure

If you’re an “outdoor person”, a trip to Yellowstone National Park is probably at the top of your adventure list. To visit Yellowstone Park has been a dream of mine since I was old enough to attend movies with curse words, without parental supervision.

Yellowstone is the world’s first National Park, mostly located in Wyoming, and only about 3% in Montana.  The park sits on top of the largest super volcano on the continent.