Man Mourns Oak – w/c 10×14”

Outdoor Adventure

I’m driving to work. It’s September and the weather is kind of muggy already at 7am. Right before the light there’s an old abandoned village, or so it seems. This obscure place has become a resting place for a giant white oak that must have died a while ago, but fell not too long ago. I wondered if this tree was special to someone.

Man Mourns Oak – w/c 10×14”

Oregon Coast

Art, Outdoor Adventure

Medium: Watercolor

Materials: Winsor & Newton paints on Arches 140lb cold pressed block

Sleepy Monk Coffee Roasters was highlighted on our map as a “must visit” coffee spot during our Pacific Northwest road trip. Apparently, the coffee shop only operates a few days a week. That day was not one of those days. We drove off long-faced to find a piece of coastline where we could sulk for a few minutes and we found Cannon Beach (painted above and pictured below).

The source photo was taken around noon, when the lighting doesn’t do much for the scene. The painting is what I imagine the beach to look like later in the day – a couple of sandpipers might have come down later to look for sand crabs.